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Blair Farris is a Charlotte, North Carolina based landscape designer. For more than 16 years she has used her education and talents to create spaces for commercial and residential properties. During her undergraduate program at the University of Texas, she developed her skill for creative design through studying classic art and architecture. Blair also studied Italian gardens while living in Italy and gained an appreciation of logical and intentional plant choices.

After attending the University of Colorado’s graduate program in Landscape Architecture, Blair worked with ColeJenest & Stone Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering firm in Charlotte. This provided her with an opportunity to become involved in large scale master planning while also fine tuning design on the more intimate residential level. She worked on projects such as the Outpatient Entry at Carolinas Medical Center, the Entry to Mercy Hospital, Bank of America’s Gateway Village and Tuscan Development’s Cedar Mill.

Blair teamed up with Martha Schwartz, a world renowned Landscape Architect and Artist in Boston, MA and saw the unlimited possibilities of material use in outdoor spaces. Her experiences there included being part of the creation team for the entrance to Disneyland in Southern California and an installation for the Spoleto Art Festival in Charleston, SC at the McLeod Plantation.

Blair’s passion for design and her keen understanding of the landscape palette has given her an avenue to express her creativity. “I am interested in the way that form, site lines and textures come together to create beauty.” She recognizes the necessity of collaborating with the client in the wonderful process of designing a master plan that will then become the art of garden making. “I love working with the client to create a vision that will blossom into a unique outdoor space for their family and friends to enjoy.” She has designed many residential properties in North Carolina and Texas.


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